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Well a Blog is a Blog. It’s a place for my thoughts on a  variety of subjects, So there is not much need to define that. However I would like to exlain about the Title in this writeup here because that indicates the way I like to think about things , the way I generally see things or atleast try to, sometimes I am successful sometimes I am a big failure. so use at your own risk 🙂

Actually it’s very simple, ‘….connecting…the.dots.backward’ means going into root of the things/thoughts/phenomenon in question by looking backwards, looking at history of the things, looking into background of the perception/experience instead of just deriving conclusions from the face value of reality.  That’s all, there is not much special to it.  Sometimes it’s not possible to go to the very root of the problem due to my limitations. I hope patient readers will excuse that. 

Also I would like to mention that this phrase, although as much as I like to not admit it is not coined by me.  I first heard this phrase from Steve Jobs commencement speech at Stanford University. It’s a great lecture. Every one should watch it. Steve Jobs uses this phrase in that lecture in the context of how his interest in calligraphy instead of formal harvard education in college gave birth to Macintosh operating system later. I loved that and have experienced that this applies pretty much to every situation and thought is a very cool and simple way to arrive at wonderful understanding and insights. Hence decided to use it as a blog title.


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