CNN’s God’s Warrior

I think it was a much needed series, here is my take on it. 

I am not an expert of foreign policy and/or religion. But I have always believed that Religion needs to be a part of everything not only politics and policy. However that can not and should not happen in current shape because today’s religion is hijacked by dogmas and does not celeberate and honor the true sayings of it but cherry picks the most easy routes to go to heaven. In my limited understanding, God would have never intended you to do something so that you can go to heaven , it would not have been debit and credit like as it’s meant in today’s world but you do good deeds because it’s right thing to do rather than it will give you a place in heaven.

The reason True sayings of religion needs to be part of politics and policies because in the end they are universal, transcendental and are same across each and every religion on this earth. So First of all we need to interperet Religion right and then act on it.

If we don’t do this we can never resolve any conflict because human aspiritations to belong to something bigger are psychological and are very intrinsic to his/her nature. In lack of true interpretion, people will continue to shape and form their beliefs in  religion the way they seem fit first fulfilling their psychological needs and then practising those beliefs to fulfill their material needs but in reality it would be a trap.


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