Religion and Evolution

It’s not too hard to believe that Religion is a HOAX, however HUMAN brain works in mysterious ways. It is interesting to think about how the religion could have started, when I think about it, I really appreciate the HINDUISM philosophy where in essence HINDUISAM is described as a WAY OF LIFE rather than religion. Thats why I tend to believe that HINDUS were way advanced in subjective approaches of understanding GOD and it’s WORLD like What is actual meaning of LIFE rather than Current world’s Objective QUESTION of How Life/UNIVERSE got started ?
Since Human brain is wired in such a way that it all the times it tend to validate it’s own philosphy / tries to prove it’s own theories thats why I guess when in the ancient world someone tried to answer the
Orgin of Universe / Existence of GOD by a very HARD wired story like it was created in six days
I might not believe this and say oh…no I believe that it was created in seven days because GOD needed no rest on seventh day, I might start my own religion…where I can find some people to believe in my story rather than my opponent, the problem is we want HARD wired objective proof and unless we dont get it we dont believe it we can say we believe it but as soon as some contradicting theory come in front of us we might start doubting that, so I think RELIGION could be a HOAX but the original intention might not be to generate a HOAX ..Science has a better term for it, ”HYPOTHESIS” This relates to the problem of not having enough faith but faith to me as I see is increasingly difficult to obtain in because we live in an objective world where each state of the world demands us to be in an objective state of mind, in a sense that Objectivity of todays world is driving human being’s EVOLUTION in such away that faith without proof would gradually be increasingly difficult. In my thinking that is the biggest test to human being which way our mind’s evolution would take us.