Childfree- Childless by choice

I read a blog at this link “Childfree- Childless by choice” and commented. Just republishing here for archiving.


One Response to “Childfree- Childless by choice”

  1. panks Says:

    Yes, If you have no interest in becoming a good parent ( not only a biological one….however responsibility of being a biological parent could also lead to diverse opinions…but that for some other time ) …you should never attempt that however I do want to point out how wrong or mistaken you are ( in my opinion) of denying that responsibility.
    The human race (Homo sapiens) is the only race in whole evolution who decided to bring up their children not only bear them besides the less important acts of geting down from trees and walking …that bringing up of children only and hence formulation of society /family caused the development of human brain and pasing on the knowledge, experience as well as the less important gene passing ( at least in context of developing brain) ..Formulation of society and hence understanding complex social relation ships was the first giant leap in shaping the brain as we see today.
    And as women were the driving factors behind this whole evolution game so to say women had accomplished nothing is sure not true….however if you want to compare it to a materialistic success thats a different ball game.
    Life was never meant to be simpler for any species on this planet. After the point when physical survival didn’t remain a big deal for human it was the intellectual deveopment and bringing up your offspring is primary of them.
    Only this point can answer each of your concern which you have raised
    however being a free person you are free to do whatever you decide ..who knows for better or for worse ..different approaches as this one are causing another branching of this whole life/evolution game.

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